The Future of DAOs

What's next for DAOs?

There is still so much left to discover and invent in the world of DAOs. The future of DAOs is up to people who believe in them to build tools and frameworks for governance and prove they can be a paradigm shift in how we work together and share resources. Many of their limitations are being tackled by teams building new governance systems, infrastructure, and DAO tooling. New governance systems are being put to the test, like Optimistic Governance which may lower the friction to working together and help DAOs run faster. New ways to reward contributors like Retroactive Funding can more fairly reward the people who do most of the work. Better voting mechanisms like Liquid Democracy can enable contributors to vote when they have strong opinions and delegate to experts otherwise. The wave of DAO laws is just a beginning; more states are passing them each month. There's so much unsolved when it comes to incorporation compliance for this radical new way to organize together. And no one likes taxes but we will need a new suite of tools to make sure we can pay them.

DAOs may be the future of work, but there's so much left to build when it comes to hiring, benefits, and compliant payments for contributors in countries all over the world. Working for a DAO is a new frontier. DAOs will need to empower and retain talent, all without the same toolkit typically available to a manager with the power to hire, fire, pay more, or promote. Getting work done in an environment where people come and go and work on what they want on their own schedule means we need to rethink how to coordinate work. We'll need new models for compensating contributors to smooth out the volatile, project-based earnings so common in DAOs. New tools. New legal frameworks. This is just the beginning of the story. DAOs give us a canvas to reimagine how we work together and allocate resources, offering us a brush we can use to paint a better world.

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